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Registration of participants

  • (coming with children pedal car or with oldtimer vehicle)
  • In any weather at transport playground
  • In the morning

Graceful ride in pedestrian zone in town centre.

Competitions for children (car drivers)

  • Skilful riding
  • Speedy competition
  • General technical knowledge
  • Technical knowledge of pedal car
  • Riding according traffic rules in playground included traffic lights

Competitions for adults (owners of cars)

  • Evaluated exhibition of pedal cars
  • Cups for the best pedal cars in some categories.
  • The number of categories will be according number of participants.

Consomitant program

  • Various consomitant program in cooperation with other companies – v in process
  • Non-evaluated exhibiton of big Moskvitchs and other historical cars

Friday and Sunday for foreign participants

  • We can recommend our participants some historical or technical sights in surroundings.
  • We can guide them around partially possibly, depending on their interest, mutual consent and our possibilities.

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Other people's events and newies out of the website

  • 18. 8. Výstava veteránů Police nad Metují
  • 28. 9. Podzimní jízda Klubu historických vozidel Metuje

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